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Juniusstraat 8 | 2625 XZ Delft | tel. 015 - 8 000 000

About Grotius College

Grotius College is a state school for secondary education in Delft and surroundings. The school offers a variety of streams.


Grotius College was named after Hugo de Groot (in Latin: Hugo Grotius), a famous Dutch lawyer, theologian, classicist, historian and diplomat. He was born on 10 April 1583 in Delft and grew up in a time that is said to be one of the most tumultuous times in Dutch history. In 1568 a war broke out between king Phillip the second of Spain and his rebellious subjects in the Netherlands. This eighty-year- war did not have a negative effect, it gave an enormous boost to the Dutch economy in all sorts of fields: trade, navigation, colonialism, industry and financial corporations. Because of all this the Netherlands became a country of importance in the world and Hugo Grotius was one of its most eminent inhabitants. His most important work was De iure Praedae( 1625) which has been seen as a basis of international law as we know it now.Grotius is best known for his spectacular escape in a book-case from the castle of Loevestein where he had been a prisoner because of an on-going religious conflict. After his escape he lived in exile till his death in 1645. He was buried in the New Church in Delft on 3 October 1654.


The school has three locations, each offering different types of education:

Location 'Juniusstraat 8' provides:

University preparatory education (vwo), to which the bilingual stream belongs (6 years)

Senior secondary education (havo) - ( 5 years)

Preparatory vocational secondary education (vmbo or mavo) - (4 years). This stream is divided into two different streams, the more theoretical type can be found at the Juniusstraat.

Special class for foreign students who need an extra year to improve their Dutch to prepare them for the regular streams.

Location 'Juniusstraat 6 (SC Delfland)' provides:

Preparatory vocational secondary education (vmbo) - (4 years). Here the practical sides of education are taught.

At Location 'Aart van der Leeuwlaa​n 12' provides:

Here you can find our 'praktijkschool'.

Central intake of foreign students

Bilingual Department VWO (TTO)


In order to provide an extra challenge to talented students, Grotius College offers a bilingual stream. Its programme is as follows:


In junior school (years 1-3), the pupils take art, geography, history, physical education, physics, chemistry, maths, and biology, in English. In addition they receive two extra hours of English, giving them a total of five hours of English per week in comparison to the three hours of English in the regular stream. The other subjects are in Dutch.

In upper school (years 4-6) all subjects with a national exam are taught in Dutch. Subjects with a school exam are taught in English. These subjects are obligatory for all students. These subjects are General Arts; Science for Public Understanding; Social Science and Physical education. Next to these subjects students have four hours of English in year 4 (pre-IB year)* and five hours in years 5+6 in which they are prepared for their English language A: Language en Culture.

* IB means International Baccalaureate

The pupils will be taught from English books and all materials used are in English. Students' tests and presentations etc. are in English as well. 2. During the German and French lessons the classroom language will be German or French as much as possible. 3. The TTO department has an extensive excursion programme. This consists among other things of travels to York - UK (year 1); Hastings-UK (year 2); Dublin-Ireland (year 3) and an exchange with IB schools (year 4+5) in Finland, Spain or Germay. Because of its close connections with the technical university of Delft Grotius College offers students a variety of visits linked to the technical subjects. 5. Exam: Apart from the regular VWO exam, the pupils will also do the IB language A exam.


This exam is internationally recognised and enables pupils to go to universities abroad, without having to sit an extra language exam. Moreover, the IB prepares the students extremely well for any studies taught in English. Entrance procedure for year 1: To be allowed to enrol in the TTO department pupils must have VWO-advice from their primary schools and a Cito score of 545 or higher. Special attention will be paid to the language components. Not only a high score is necessary but students must also be highly motivated if they want to be successful in this form of education. Students coming from abroad need to submit report marks and recommendations from their heads of school or tutors. Entrance procedure other years: Entrance to other years in the bilingual stream is only possible for students who have lived abroad for some years. It is of the utmost importance that the students are talented and we would expect reports from their schools and recommendation from the heads of school or tutors. All students from abroad will be tested on arrival to make sure that they end up in the correct stream. If students cannot be placed in the Bilingual Stream we will do our utmost to find them a place in Dutch education that matches their abilities. For further information you can contact Ms Katja van Boxel or Mr Tom van Summeren, coordinators of the Bilingual Stream: